Ylang Ylang flower

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) Organic Essential Oil

$ 11.86
Our organic Ylang Ylang oil comes from Madagascar.  It has an intense tropical scent, but the quality of this oil eliminates the cloying sweetness found in cheaper versions that are often supplemented with synthetics. I never thought I liked this oil, because I had never really smelled an oil of this purity.  Oils of this quality are often used as a base note in perfumes.  When using this oil in blends, a little goes a long way. One drop is often all that is needed.  Ylang Ylang is said to encourage sensuality and a sense of pleasure, and is supportive of the heart.  It is useful in reducing the effects of trauma and has strong sedative qualities, which also makes it effective in the treatment of sleep issues.  Ylang Ylang is skin nourishing, antiseptic and analgesic.