About Us


I am the founder of a small company located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in northern New York, dedicated to sharing products that are pure and natural.   I carry only organic, or wild sourced essential oils and my products are made with the highest quality ingredients that I can find.  I use butters, waxes and oils that are also organic or wild sourced.  When products need a preservative, I use preservatives that are approved by Ecocert for use in organic products.  All products are cruelty free.
Every product is made with love in small, customizable batches.  I started gardening when I was still in elementary school, studied horticulture as an undergraduate at Cornell University, and have had large flower, vegetable and herb gardens here at my home for over 25 years, all maintained without the use of any chemicals.  So my love of botanicals and essential oils comes naturally.   I am a licensed clinical social worker, a registered yoga instructor and am currently in the process of becoming certified in essential oils.  I am available for consultations and presentations and Every product is made with love in small, customizable batches. 
Laura C Cerow, Founder St Larry's
-Organic Oils, Lotions & Potions