Thyme plant

Thyme (Thymus zygis Loefl L) Organic Essential Oil

$ 15.94
This organic essential oil is unique as it is a blend of four different thyme cultivars, giving it a complete array of capabilities not usually found in oils that contain only one variety.  These thymes are organically grown and distilled in the United Kingdom.  The aroma is warm and radiant and very clean.  There is no musky odor to this oil.  It is gentle when applied topically but still maintains its antiseptic qualities.  When applied to the skin, we  like to combine it with Lavender and/or Chamomile to improve its penetration and to soften its overall briskness. Thyme boosts self confidence and is warming to the mind and the body.  Thyme oil supports the immune system and is antiviral and analgesic, in addition to its antiseptic properties It stimulates circulation and improves respiration.  A nice feature of Thyme is that it can be used long term in small amounts to support chronic health issues, such as allergies, and for people that get frequent colds.