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Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica) Organic Essential Oil

$ 9.25
Our organic Siberian Fir oil is distilled in Russia in Western Siberia, from the cones, needles and twigs.  This ensures sustainability as the trees are not cut down.  As with most of our Fir oils, Siberian Fir is wonderful for clearing the air, clearing the sinuses, and clearing the mind.  The scent is woody and using it a few times a day in a steamer at the onset of any cold or flu symptoms can provide great relief.  This is my favorite of the evergreen scents to diffuse during the holidays.  It is a great anti-inflammatory oil and should be added to creams or lotions for application to the skin to help relieve pain.  In diffusion blends, this oil is uplifting, grounding, and vitalizing.