Damask Rose flowers

Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) Organic Essential Oil

$ 250.00

Rose Otto has got to be the queen of essential oils.  It commands an impressive price, but there is no substitute for it.  Our organic oil is distilled in Bulgaria, from the petals of the flower.  For centuries, the smell of roses has evoked thoughts of love and contentment.  There is no other essential oil better for the treatment of depression and anxiety.  Rose oil is also wonderful for the treatment of insomnia, and is a common ingredient in facial care products due to its ability to heal the skin. As with most of the  more expensive oils, a little goes a long way. I use this oil very sparingly and reserve it for extreme cases.  But yes, I do steal a sniff now and then!   We carry two different Rose oils, and this is the most expensive, due to the way it is distilled.  Rose Otto is is steam distilled and the Rose Absolute is distilled with a solvent that helps to extract the oil from the flowers.  Rose Otto is clear and thin in consistency, whereas the Rose Absolute is thicker and darker in color. We use the Rose Otto therapeutically and the Rose Absolute to scent products.  Rose scent holds a special spot in my heart as my grandmother always used the scent in her bathroom.  She loved the scent so much that the whole room was pink, to match the aroma.  I remember that the room had a soft pink carpet as well, which was very impractical in a bathroom, even then.  But it was lovely and made the room an oasis of serenity.  She would have loved these oils.