Melissa plant, or Lemon Balm

Melissa (Melissa officinalis) Organic Essential Oil

$ 72.00
Melissa is more commonly known as Lemon Balm. It has a delightful herbal lemony aroma with an almost woody component.   It is in the mint family, and grows profusely in my herb gardens. So I am not exactly sure why it costs as much as it does. But I do know that this is another oil that is so potent, that only small amounts of it are needed.  This organic oil is distilled from the flowers and the leaves of plants grown in Bulgaria.  Melissa has very strong sedative qualities.  It is also very uplifting and the combination makes it extremely effective when dealing with severe emotional trauma issues.  If I am having one of those very bad days, this is the oil that I would add to my diffuser mix, but just a drop or two.  I will hopefully be able to offer Melissa infused oil later this season from the pesticide free plants in my own gardens.