Field of Lavender

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Organic Essential Oil

$ 8.00
What can I say about Lavender?  It has got to be the most popular essential oil of all time, and with good reason.  It is the universal healer, and yet is gentle and has a deeply satisfying scent.  Even the sight of Lavender, growing in a field, is calming and uplifting to the soul.  This organic Lavender is distilled in Bulgaria from the flowers of the plant. Lavender has a delightfully fresh floral scent and is not at all cloying.  This particular oil has a depth to it that you will  not find in less expensive oils.  Lavender is balancing and mood enhancing.  It is used for relaxation and for assistance with sleep.  It is soothing to tight muscles, assists with digestive issues, and tension headaches.  It has also been used to treat restless leg syndrome.  We use Lavender on a daily basis.  We include it in most of our blends, and in many of our cosmetic products.  It is useful in the treatment of skin issues.  And while we do not encourage the use of most undiluted essential oils on the skin, Lavender is often very effective when a drop or two is used directly on a bee sting. Lavender is also an oil that can be used with young children, appropriately diluted.

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