Ho Wood bark

Ho Wood (Cinnamomum camphora) Wild Crafted Essential Oil

$ 7.26
This essential oil was distilled from wild crafted twigs and wood of the tree, and comes from China.  The aroma of this oil is warm and woody with a bit of a floral high note.  This oil is a wonderful choice for diffuser blends when you would like to enhance your meditation practice.  It is spiritually healing and calming without making you drowsy.  It is also thought to be very effective in assisting the immune system which makes it a great oil to have in your arsenal when you feel a cold or the flu coming on.  Ho Wood makes a great massage oil when combined with Lavender, Black Spruce and Helichrysum.  Be sure to properly dilute the oils in an appropriate carrier before applying to the skin.  Ravintsara essential oil comes from the leaves of this same tree.